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Touch about Me pt. 1
Posted:Oct 14, 2019 4:09 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2019 7:59 am
i enjoy a simple life. I am asked often things I like to do. well one thing I like to do is bake like desserts and stuff. It's relaxing and enjoyable quiet time to me. Another thing I do and do most often is cross stitch and have done several patterns even had a few custom prints made up for me to work on.

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it's quiet
Posted:Oct 13, 2019 2:03 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2019 8:46 am
You boys are so predictable. . Sundays are always quiet on Citymixx.

sigh football

Sleepy Sunday
Posted:Oct 13, 2019 6:49 am
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2019 9:44 pm
Because my husband thinks im beautiful

Posted:Oct 8, 2019 10:19 am
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2019 9:44 pm
There's a number of things that people should just stop doing on here several of them have to do with conversations and the approach people take quit asking what you're into. Look at people profiles for fuck sake. It's old answering that question day after day in every conversation. Stop asking if someone liked your profile, can't say I remember it, and can't say I look at any truthfully. None of you people stand out. Males really need to quit saying, that you know a girl that might be interested in me. That shit stupid. That "lady" can talk to me herself. People over 50 needs to quit telling me they're in good shape, or that it's just an age or something. Stop asking if you're interested before you've had a conversation its stupid. "Hello, hi, and how are you doing?" do not get my interest. Learn to hold and carry on a conversation. Just because you're told no interest does not mean you need to become mean and a Bully, I'm so sick and tired rude boys being assholes, because I don't want to fuck them this minute. Stop asking about all the different sex acts I have done. Stop sending flirts try sending an email you lazy fucking people. Last stop send cock pictures it's new to be told but it still is ignored so just stop sending cock pictures.

thanks for reading feel free to read my older posts and as always i welcome comments if only you behave your self.

enjoy yourself today
if only
Posted:Oct 7, 2019 3:42 pm
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2019 9:44 pm

I just want boys to stop.
Being an Ambassador
Posted:Oct 2, 2019 4:43 pm
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2019 3:43 pm
You know I became an ambassador on accident. I just one day was given ambassador rights and ambassador tasks. I credit most of it to being a real female who gets lots of views and interactions. So the site to keep me around provided me the incentive to stay and encourage talks.
For those of you has gotten one of my messages or more than one. All I can say is people who view my profile, flirt with me, do some other silly hot listing, or whatever nonsense you people do on this website. As far as I can tell puts you on a list and then gives me points to send you a message. You don't want to receive these messages; stop sending flirts or whatever dumb shit to my profile your doing. I try hard not to send somebody too many of them in a row but if I log in to do the tasks and you've done a required task with my profile in the last 3-5 hours you are probably in the list of people it's telling me to send a message to. You know for the points. But as an ambassador I don't really work for their site I just get points to send emails to the people this website tells me to. I receive points for sending emails so I can get the rewards.

Trust me dealing with all you fool boys, the rude/ arrogant comments. i have more than earned my rewards.
thanks for the shirt
Thanks for visiting, please view my other posts "some comments are welcome" and come again as I try to post often.
Have a good day.
The next outing
Posted:Sep 30, 2019 4:40 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2019 2:03 pm
So I like to do things other than just sit at home on the weekends. I like to get out with my husband to go on trips, go hiking somewhere, cool nature preserves, or just go to a town to eat at a restaurant we have never been to. Do some nice thrift store shopping. But our next outing we're going to cruise through Illinois stopping from town to town hitting adult book stores/ porn shops, just because we find it fun and something to do. so if you're from Illinois and you know of some good stores that we might want to visit let us know in the comments. We are avoiding Chicago just don't want to deal with that much traffic. Think we're going to go in about 2 weeks or so. We are going for a couple nights, visit some towns buy some things, play a little just for something to do. This isn't going to be our only expedition we plan to do more next spring and summer to other places other states once the weather improves again. We enjoy going out, doing stuff get away from town. Seeing new places, eat some new food have a mini adventure and make some memories.
Thanks for reading and have a good day
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Citymixx is not the worst it's not
Posted:Sep 24, 2019 4:08 pm
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2019 5:55 pm

Know I've been in this lifestyle for many years, and my husband have used it as a way to excite us not just a thrilling aspect of our life. It's a turn-on for us, it's a use of foreplay it's a way we provide erotic pleasure. We've been on many sites over the years, used many things to find playmates and Friends. Know to this Craigslist was the best. This place is the next best thing we have used compared to the other sites. Too bad, people ruin that section on Craigslist.
For those who don't know why it worked was simple. The thing is you make an ad, and then people have to open it and read what you want and are looking for. Then only those interested in what you wrote answer it with an email. Then you look through emails, you say yes or no to each one. Then either you email back or you don't , Sometimes maybe you\ get a conversation going, or not. If it don't work you send another ad . With your new ad you change the wording a little bit (or a lot) re post and see what happens. rinse and repeat to you get a connection. But it worked it was easy to use and people never asked what you looking for.

Here, no one fucking bothers reading shit. Everything people want is in profiles or should be, yet so many people make you deal with them who have not read more than "its female." In my opinion, if you don't bother reading, I shouldn't even be trying to talk to you about it or waste time to convince you what my profile already says.
Then other sites are even worse than this site, and i have been a member to more than a few. it's the lay outs and the search engines, the mailing system they are often more hungry than here when it comes to letting people connect.
Citymixx has possibilities, but I get so tired of it. All the time boys ruin it with their words and boy brains. So I really don't know what would be best people. I hold to the idea if people would just read and listen this site could function so much better.

Then just maybe I would be less of cunt to every boy who messages me.
It's not just a number
Posted:Sep 22, 2019 5:41 pm
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2019 10:20 am
Age matters to me. I hear often "it just a number, or but I like older women." well that’s great 300 is just a number too but I don't want overweight people either. Yet a lot of you don't get that at my current age being late 30s. I now have 20 years both younger and older in men wishing and thinking that I should have interest in them over a 40 year age span of guys actively trying to convince me to have sex with them; it is a lot of people. It's a lot of disgust. I am personally in fine shape, an aging well as is my husband, but that's not the case of everyone. While that might not last forever with us, some of you people don't age too well. It goes both directions like the 26 year-old looking 16 sorry can't do it. My interest really only goes from about 30 to mid-forties some males who fit the criteria who are in great shape can be older than that. Not younger any younger than 30 gets too close to the age of my and the ages my date and I'm not comfortable with that. I don't care if you are, I'm not, I will not be, and I will not entertain the idea.
So quit asking me about it then be assuming I should. I don't have any interest in young people at all.
Then it's the older men, who want to screw people young enough to be their , ewwww. I have no real interest in guys old enough to be my parent. Plus attraction matters and, me being me and happy in myself I have standards. You know if you look good. You know if you're attractive or out of shape. If you're not just accept the fact that I'm not interested in you. I would highly appreciate it and save everyone time.
Tip of the week
Posted:Sep 21, 2019 3:19 am
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2019 3:54 am
You know some days the instant messenger is kind of nice to chat with somebody, but most the time it doesn't do any of you people any good. The thing is I've blurred nudity and then the rest of you don't have pictures in the first place. So I can't see anybody so I don't remember you I don't remember what we talked about during our conversation. If by chance I remember a or location of people, I still can't remember you are really. It's partly your fault because I don't care. The best chance you have, if you people want to get somewhere, and be remembered. Truth is the best thing is email on here. Because it keeps a log of everything we talked about and then I am refer back and I'll remember you even if I can't see you and we'll have a conversation and maybe our conversation will progress if you not a Neanderthal. maybe it won't but what I do know is, I don't think anybody in many months hasn't earned my phone while using the instant messenger to talk with me. It's just kind of the reality of how it goes. And as I have posted before it's dangerous here men are creepy not everyone has good intentions planned so caution is needed. A friendship and communication has to develop. This in my opinion only really occurs in the email at least that's the way I see it.
Thanks for reading and have a good day

It's just funny
Posted:Sep 19, 2019 10:05 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2019 4:51 am
Something I laugh about every time it happens, right before I get irritated and angry about it that is. When people send me an email and then get offended and send me a second email that's nasty or dismisses me, all over my auto email response. Most of them I don't think get that's an auto reply. And some of them I believe are just offended because I called them out on their bullshit, proving their tactic on here is so over used I can write an auto reply to include so many people. While pointing out what does and what does not get a reply from me. With a touch of what I look for. As informative as an auto reply should be in my opinion. But still some of you people just get so offended by it and lash out with rudeness and hatred. Most offend are the ones with cock pictures or send a cock picture, which is funny because my auto reply points out how much I don't like those things. It is as if people have no idea how many stupid or worthless emails I deal with on an average day. I get so many emails that just say something like "hi, or I want to fuck you, your sexy " and many many more. There's no reason to reply to any of that shit, not to me at least. What do I know I'm just a female on the site in the sea of men who are stupid.
Thanks for reading come again enjoy your day all that good stuff remember it's all in fun.
twisted humor
Posted:Sep 18, 2019 10:49 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2019 9:37 am

The thing I like do is before I go visit somewhere, I move profile there few days ahead of schedule which brings all the locals comment on profile and try talk and send stuff or receive dozen of notifications about the people the area. But the real amusement comes , when I'm there walking around town with husband, playing the game "oh I bet we've seen guy's penis." Standing in lines local stores are sitting in restaurant Looking around random patrons and thinking I bet person sent their penis or have a penis as their profile. It makes us laugh and smile and brings us humor think how many people we wonder by in a day have sent their penis .

Cheers and enjoy your day and thanks for reading
Being demanding will not work for you
Posted:Sep 16, 2019 3:31 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2019 2:17 pm
I really wish people would stop demanding shit from me requesting bullshit. No demands no ask me for pictures in chat messages, or email. My profile has dozens of pictures. This blog also has dozens of pictures. You can't figure out what I look like yet? That is to fucking bad. What I find especially annoying is most the fucking time it's you no picture motherfuckers, or peoples whose only picture is their cock. Then you have dozen of people asking things listed in the profile it sucks. Thing is its simple easy located things like married, seeking/looking for. Yet rather than them take 2 minutes to read they start demanding info.
What I want, my profile says. What do I want? My blog has information that says what I want. Read and have a conversation with me about what's already written. Not making me talk about what I've already explained a hundred times so much so I typed it out. It almost might make me wet to have somebody come up and mention things that are in my profile blogs and respond to them rather than question things I've already pointed out. Who knows I'm often so short and brisk everything I do seems like I'm a cunt.

Thanks for visiting please come again

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