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A Wishful Thinking Dream A Poem
Posted:Jul 27, 2019 11:31 pm
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2019 4:00 pm

I had the dream
Of us again
It was just going
your house
And visiting.

How I would see
All you had shown
Me in photos
On your phone.
Your coy pond
With fish swimming
Your lush green lawn
That I pictured my dogs
Running around on.

We would go inside
I would see your average kitchen
And then your living room
With it's bright yellow walls
And the mural that was
Painted by your ex mother in law.
But you loved it still
As well as the painting
Of your former dogs
Done by a friend of your friends
had a strange connection
Sharing a cell.

You would show me your office
Just a big desk with papers
Needing order
Along with a chair
That was pretty comfortable.

rooms I had never
Seen photos of
Your bathroom
And your bedroom
I guess my imagination
Could fill them in.

I know you like things clean
So I can imagine both
Being nearly spotless
With a cleaned shower
Toilet and sink
And a big bed that was made.

I don't want to think
About that big bed.
No. I surely do not.
For I will never be sharing it
Not since you found
Someone else
Yes that is the thought
That stands out.

If my dream were to
Have a positive result.
I would be gracious.
I would say indeed
Your house is lovely.
It is nice to see in person
What I had heretofore
Seen in pictures.
I would take my
Corralling my dogs into my car
Not showing how unnerved
I was that I was no longer
And never will be again
Your lover.
I was now just a friend.
could move on
Find someone else
appreciated all
I had give.
When I think about this
It was not a dream
But wishful thinking.
As I had no control
Of where I went
When I was in dreamland.
To Those Still Hurting A Poem
Posted:Jul 27, 2019 11:06 pm
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2019 12:51 am

For Those Still Hurting Written in 20

You think the loss would lessen
But then it hits you in the gut
Like someone punched you.
And the pain is back
Do you think you can handle it
Better this time?
Maybe, perhaps?
Do you still have support
Or have they said
"Get over it?"
I would tell them
Walk in my shoes
For just one day or hour.
What do you have lose?
That is a very good question.

Smiles and hugs
Are better than turning away
And shrugs.
Give some of the former
And you would be helping matters
Instead of adding woe
Upon someone still hurting.

Let them talk
Let them share.
Let them vent
Till their heart is more content
It may never be healed
But it can be slightly repaired.
Enough for them say
I thank you.
I may need you again.
Do you think you will be there, then?

We have life live
And we have many losses along the way,
But we can also give
Hope and love those in pain
Soften their blows,
Those punches in the gut
Maybe next time they will
Be able put their hands into gloves
And hold them up.
Warding off the worst damage.
And remain standing.
In The Interim. A Poem
Posted:Jul 27, 2019 1:20 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2019 11:52 pm

I had the urge
To cry myself to sleep
The pangs of loneliness
Sinking into me
Like teeth.

Guys would offer
To keep me company
I highly doubt they would
Stay the whole night
Men take what they
Want and then leave
At least that has been
My experience.

Go easy on yourself
I should tell myself
Don't be so negative
Maybe someone worthy
Will come along
Before too long
But in the interim
Don't hold your breath
Breathe in and out.
Think of happy things
Worse comes to worse
I can write about my feelings.
Thank you for reading
Effectively listening.
My Mind Was Occupied A Poem
Posted:Jul 26, 2019 11:32 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2019 10:32 pm

I have to apologize
Someone was interested in me
Interested in my mind.
But mine was occupied
With negative thoughts
Regarding some
Ex lovers of mine.

I wish I could go
Back in time.
Redo so many things.
I don't know where to start
I have so many regrets.
I might start by not
Getting involved
With certain men.
That might solve
The heartache that
I have at present.

Then that conversation
I had with the new guy
Might have gone much better.
Of course one never knows
Unless they are clairvoyant.
Unpatchable A Poem
Posted:Jul 26, 2019 9:56 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2019 5:52 pm

I am nothing to anyone
I matter so little.
I try and I try
And I always fail.
Love is beyond my reach
Something for which
I dearly long.
Perhaps the hole inside me
Is unpatchable
And men can see that
From miles away.
Makes me think
I might need a civil engineer
Not afraid of a building project
Or the construction manager
Who has to implement such plans
Or a psychologist who sees
That my rough patch
Is part of the human condition.
Yay for me I just talked myself
Off the hyperbolic ledge
That my being unloved
Nearly pushed me off of.
All by making a joke
And listing possible occupations
Of lovers in the future.
Me And My Fighting Brigade. A Poem
Posted:Jul 26, 2019 8:02 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2019 11:54 pm

In my current state
I should not be rash
My mental and physical
Components are of whack.
They need to rest
Somehow regain their strength.
For battles are always looming
New ones beginning.
I am tired of waving a white flag
I am tired of always losing.
My fighting spirit may only be
Seen by me
But it could regain its muscle memory
And wouldn't that be something
After all this time?
Me and my fighting brigade
Ready to battle
Ready to tackle
Whatever comes my way!
His One Month Anniversary. A Poem
Posted:Jul 26, 2019 7:39 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2019 4:44 pm

I had the thought
That today was their
One month anniversary.
You don't know
How much I was tempted
To make a snide comment
a to that effect.
Tell him don't forget the flowers
Or some such thing.

It was only hurting me.
To mark this occasion.
I doubt it it had that
Much significance
Even to them.

I don't want to admit
How much of a loser I am
But here I am writing
Needing to get
It off my chest.
Stealthy Late Night Meal A Poem
Posted:Jul 26, 2019 2:06 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2019 11:53 pm

I am hungry
But it is late at night.
I am wondering
If I should have
A snack.

I was doing a mental inventory
Of what I had that I could make
Perhaps a sun dried tomato wrap
With tuna fish and spinach leaves
Add in some kind of hummus
As a dressing
Or I could save that for lunch
That would be the more
Appropriate meal for sure
Instead of a stealthy late night meal.
But I still had hunger pangs
Not sure what I should make instead.

I guess I might just have
A handful of crackers
I could cut some cheese
That expression made me laugh
Because of it's use
In another matter.
But that is me
Silly at this ungodly hour.

If only I could just hold
Off til tomorrow.
I think I might be proud of myself
Instead of giving in to
This stealth mission
To sate my late night hunger.
I could save the calories
Until the morning.
Expectations Of Love And Trust A Poem
Posted:Jul 25, 2019 11:51 pm
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2019 7:16 am

I hear the loneliness
Between the lines
Things you mention
But don't emphasize.

You have been hurt
Many many times
Your expectations
Of love and trust
Never met.
People just failed
In that regard.

I so want to hug
And comfort you
Tell you that you matter
So very much
That I will do my best
To live up to those
Those expectations
Of love and trust.

If we are honest
We can try this.
I say try because
We are only human.
And we are not error free.
So the best policy
Will be to take one day
At a time like they say
For so many other things.
My Darkness A Poem
Posted:Jul 25, 2019 10:57 pm
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2019 2:10 am

My Darkness Written in 2015

Hello darkness my new friend?
I welcome you with trepidation.
I seem to have possibly mistaken
You for one that is caring
Of whatever I am feeling.

You sit in silence
Or you offer whispers.
I cannot tell what is on your face.
I suppose that is just in case
You might offer a harsh judgement.
Or even offer an agreement.

Deep within myself
I recognize a kinship
Darkness in my soul,
It can indeed take hold.

Regrets of thoughts
Brought about by various stuff
That just cannot be tossed
But need to be worked out
Or cut out like a cancer,
Or treated gingerly
Like an infected ulcer.

If only the darkness
Had had that light
Once upon a time
Shed just right.
It might have made fewer shadows,
Fewer possible ghosts to haunt.

So darkness I am sorry I begrudge
Your very existence.
For you lack something
And your lack is mirrored at times in me.
An absence of light.
Hands That Lead A Poem
Posted:Jul 25, 2019 9:24 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2019 4:34 am

You know my hands
Will want to wander.
They have a desire
To touch.
You all over.
It is affection
It is wonder.
It is an urge
That is primal.

Can you relate?
Do you have a similar penchant
For touching ?
My hands,
My arms,
My ,
My neck
Ah it will send
Nerve endings firing.

And then
Nature will take over.
We will be like we
Are on auto pilot.
As we maneuver
The landscape
That is our bodies.
Til we get to
Our final destination.
Cabin In The Woods Deja Vu A Poem
Posted:Jul 25, 2019 12:00 am
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2019 12:10 pm

We often talk about
Scenes we would like
Today you mentioned
A cabin in the woods.

Ah the thought
Does send shivers
Down my spine.
How nature would be
The witness
To our lovemaking.
How the noises
Would be so different
From the city ones.
The cacophony somehow
More soothing
But why we knew not.

We would show
What we were made for
In our purest forms.
Yes, it would be primal
And natural
But also beautiful.
We would be making
Memories that seem
Like deja vu
As such loving actions
Are instinctual.

We would not want
This foray into
A sensual paradise
To end
But it would
And the memory
Of our cabin in the woods
Forever something
To smile about.
A deja vu experience
That was made real.
To Sleep On A Cool Summer Night A Poem
Posted:Jul 24, 2019 11:53 pm
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2019 7:45 am

It was a beautiful
Summer night
Just right to sleep
With just a sheet
And maybe a fan.
The vision I had
When you mentioned this.
It sent shivers
Down my spine.
I asked what you
Would be wearing
Under that thin sheet?
Would you be naked?
To which you replied
More parts of me
Began tingling.

I had the vision
Of how we would
Lay next
To one another
Both naked
It was like it was telepathic
As you said we would
Be cuddling
My head on your chest
My leg entwined with yours
And my warm little furnace
Against your thigh
You said you would be
Offering it protection
Ah that thought
Made me feel
So comforted.
I do believe that
Would be the overall feeling.

Your arms
Your chest
Your legs
All next to mine
My head being
Lulled by your breathing
And the steadiness
Of your beating heart.

You see what you do honey?
You give me images
To make me feel
That you hugged me
From far away.
Making the night
Less lonely.

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